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Keep our Children Safe, Concealed Carry Training for our Teachers

After the Columbine shootings in 1999, Dr. Ignatius Piazza was quoted in many news articles and many magazines as supporting firearms training, especially concealed carry training, for our teachers in all our schools. After the terrorist attacks in New York in September of 2001, Dr. Piazza again held press conferences where his words of concealed carry training support were heard again: arm our pilots! Get them concealed carry training. Now it is shortly after the attack in Virginia, and Dr. Piazza is again calling for concealed carry training for those men and women who hold Americans lives in their hands.

Dr. Ignatius Piazza, a former chiropractor has been interviewed and featured by many news sources, recently by CNN. Dr. Piazza's views on gun training in America are not extreme, they're not grossly liberal or extremely conservative, they're pan-American. Every American should be able to realize the fact that gun training equals safe guns. If a man or a woman receives gun training, he is that much more capable of handling an armed attacker. If that same man or woman is then armed and given extremely extensive training in how to carry that weapon, conceal that weapon and use it safely - concealed carry training - he or she becomes the safest terminal a school could ever ask for.

Imagine a school with fifty teachers. Imagine knowing that of those fifty, at least five are armed and fully trained, beyond a professional degree. Would you ever consider drawing a weapon or opening fire on a classroom, knowing full well that you would be out-trained? Dr. Piazza is so convinced that training teachers it the key to success, that he is willing to pay for three teachers from any and all schools across America. He encourages more teachers from those schools, but he will cover the cost of any three to Front Sight.

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