Front Sight

Please Keep Your Tray Table Up and Glocks in Their Locked Positions

Pilots with pistols. Far be it from me to make the statement that there are many who would agree with that statement. Unfortunately, not many citizens understand the vital necessity of getting our pilots firearms training and equipping every airplane cockpit with a pistol, in case of emergency. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute understands this need. That’s why Front Sight’s founder and director, Ignatius Piazza, is offering free firearms training to any pilot in America. He understands the need for good firearms training for those men and women who are taking responsibility for so many people’s lives.

Not many do understand why firearms training is a vital necessity in our day and age, especially for those already in a position of power and responsibility. The matter is simple, though. Firearms training means increased awareness, understanding, capacity and responsibility with firearms and situations concerning firearms. Front Sight and Dr. Piazza are past masters at guns and firearms, and to alter their programs and courses to fit the scenario of a hostage or terrorist situation aboard a plane would be simple. Firearms training for pilots would enable our pilots to never have to fear any terrorist attack or attempt. There will never come a day when a terrorist will get a firearm onto an aircraft. There are other possibilities though, as we learned to our detriment six years ago. Let’s see a box cutter and a Glock go head-to-head, however.

Pilots with pistols and proper firearms training means that terrorists won’t be able to do a thing. Any attempts to take a plane by force would be completely circumvented by having a pilot understand how to spot dangerous situations, how to take charge of them, and how to effectively use a firearm.

All American pilots must be armed and ready to use a pistol which must be stocked in the cockpit. It’s time for America to wake up. If we don’t want those ridiculously long lines for security, if you don’t want your decency stolen from you because you want to visit your grandmother in Des Moines, then it’s time to realize that pilots with proper firearms training from Front Sight (which would be offered free) and pistols is the only way to safe American skies.

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