Front Sight

Front Sight is Keeping America Strong and Flying

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, located near Las Vegas, Nevada, is the leader in American shooting schools. Front Sight trains more students every year than all other shooting schools in America combined. Dr. Ignatius Piazza, a former chiropractor and Four Weapons Combat Master, is the founder and director of Front Sight. Dr. Piazza has, for years, considered it is mission and purpose to train and empower Americans about safe and effective gun use, through gun training. Dr. Piazza moved his shooting school to Las Vegas and once there, started on his true project: a $25 million residential community based around shooting ranges, a five-story SWAT tactics training tower, a 12,000 square foot martial arts gymnasium, and many other things intended for the optimization of firearms training. All this has come off beautifully, and now Front Sight is a beautiful, luxury gated community anchored around guns and gun education.

With this, we can see that Dr. Piazza is a professional and an expert. His opinions and viewpoints are valuable and worth consideration. So when he has something to say about arming our pilots and giving them handgun training, America should listen. Dr. Piazza is so adamant about safeguarding our pilots and our passengers, that he is willing to give pilots free training to protect their lives, and their passengers lives.

As covered in CNN, Front Sight is a beautiful, spacious shooting school/community. Its courses, while priced very reasonably, are not cheap, but neither is the education. Dr. Piazza’s intention for offering this free gun training is not a ploy, not a gimmick and not a trick for the pilots. Dr. Piazza realizes the plight that some pilots have found themselves in – and been unable to handle – and only desires to ensure that such a situation never happen again.

Front Sight’s training is beyond top-notch, and Dr. Ignatius Piazza’s offer is too good to pass up. All pilots must be trained, and, following that, must all be permitted to carry weapons in the cockpit.

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