Front Sight and Ignatius Piazza

Ignatius Piazza Gun Captain and the World of Today

We Americans find ourselves in a turbulent era. We have decided, whether tacitly or openly, that we think that we are unable, too physically unfit, too slow, too irrational, or too stupid, to defend ourselves. We have decided that if something is to go wrong, and by this I mean disastrously wrong, we shouldn’t be the ones who are responsible for taking care of it. For whatever insane reason, we are under the impression that we must wait for the help; we can’t take responsibility; we can’t be in charge. Americans are under the misguided impression that police will prevent harm from coming to them, that the police should have all the responsibility and power because they will be able to prevent all crimes. Try telling that to the families of the Virginia Tech victims. Try telling that to the families of the Littleton, Colorado victims. Try telling that to Dr. Ignatius Piazza.

Dr. Ignatius Piazza is a former chiropractor whose house was, in 1988, attacked by gun-wielding thugs. Although no one was hurt, this drive-by shooting was enough to frighten all the residents of the shot-up neighborhood, and change Dr. Piazza’s life forever. Dr. Piazza realized that the cops couldn’t have known about what those thugs were going to do, so they couldn’t have prevented it. If that drive-by had become a home invasion, it would have been several minutes before the police arrived. Dr. Ignatius Piazza knew he wouldn’t have been able to protect himself or his family, and almost all of America wouldn’t either.

Thus started Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, a place to train and empower Americans so that they need not be the effect of firearms, but instead can affect firearms. His goal reaches even to pilots. Dr. Piazza wants to see the pilots of America trained in effective handgun use. Dr. Piazza knows his handgun training is the world’s finest, so he is offering all his handgun training to any pilot for free. Dr. Ignatius Piazza’s mission is to protect America, and he is well on the way to doing that, flight after flight.

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